City Mission Opens School Library

Oil Search Foundation donates reading books to City Mission’s new library.

Oil Search Foundation donates reading books to City Mission’s new library.

Set into the hills just twenty minutes down the Magi Highway from Port Moresby, is the City Mission Farm which serves as a rehabilitation and training centre. The farm originally set up to cater for male youths now also houses a school and a library for the local community.

The new library received a boost this week with a delivery of 6 boxes of books from Oil Search Foundation. These books cover reading and reference materials from early childhood through to 12 years old.

The youth training centre supports over 100 young men who otherwise might find themselves homeless. Applications for a 14-month program which initially sees youth learn respect, hygiene and confidence as well as basic life skills. This ranges from literacy to gardening, taking care of poultry and livestock to learning basic trade skills including carpentry, plumbing and welding among others.

The program was started to get young men off the street and out of a life of poverty, hopelessness and crime; and enable them to develop both relevant like skills and vocational skills to prepare them to live meaningful productive lives on return to their respective communities. City Mission sees education as key to changing lives and societies and therefore a preventative strategy for children and youths in engaging in crime.

“These men come to us with no other options and are genuinely committed to making a better life for themselves. We do not tolerate any form of violence and saying that, our drop out rate is incredibly low. These young men really want an opportunity” say Peter Moody, the deeply passionate and active Farm Manager.

The addition of the school to their services is another reflection of their ability to just get things done. “We really need more services like this across the country” says Daisy Raburabu, Oil Search Foundation Education Manager. “the impact these men will have on society will be irreversibly changed by the program”.