Oil Search staff are Champions of Change


Oil Search is a company well recognised for its leadership and passion in development. Staff are proud to be part of an organisation that genuinely cares about them and their communities, like a family. As expressed by Managing Director, Peter Botten, “It’s part of our D.N.A. from the top down” and this is one of the drivers behind the Champions of Change program.

We know that many staff contribute significantly through community service and development programs in their own time and using their own funds. We sought to supplement this and share learnings and resources across programs through a small grants initiative.

Staff can apply for small grants of up to K5,000 to assist with and complement community projects. Since inception in 2016, small grants have directly impacted 6,000 people in 13 provinces and 45 different communities. Small grants exemplify an ethos of continual learning and sharing of ideas.

To further support Champions of Change, this week Oil Search released tool kits developed by Oil Search Foundation for employees and contractors to take home for their families and communities. The tool kits are part of a disaster preparedness series and deal with earthquake, landslide, tsunami and volcano and were developed with input from the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards.

The tool kits provide information on what causes events, and how to recognise impending danger, for example in the case of landslide. They also provide information on how to prepare, what to do in the event, what not to do and what to look out for following a disaster. Further toolkits will be developed and shared with staff during the year.

“I am overwhelmed and inspired with the stories being shared with me, of true passion to make a difference” said Josephine Yos, Program Manager. “We recently documented some of these in a short video and have been sharing resources and lessons learned with staff commencing projects of their own. I am looking forward to recognising more and more Champions of Change during the year”.