Oil Search Commits K3M to Koroba District Hospital


The Oil Search Foundation (OSF) is contributing up to K3 million to help fund a major redevelopment of the Koroba District hospital. The announcement was made by OSF Chairman and Oil Search Managing Director in Koroba on February 27th.

Mr Botten, who is also the Chairman of the Hela Provincial Health Authority was accompanied to Koroba by local MP and Minister for Immigration and Board Security, Petrus Thomas, Counsellor Health with the Australian High Commission, Will Robinson, , Earthquake emergency controller Dr Willian Hamblin, members of the Hela Provincial Health Authority Board and OSF staff. .

“Having access to good healthcare is a fundamental right of everyone – regardless of their age, their gender, or their wealth.” said Mr Botten.

“Here in Koroba we are working with the Hela Provincial Health Authority, Minister Thomas, and the Australian Government to make sure that everyone in this District can access the healthcare they need, when they need it.”

The OSF contribution is part of a multi-million-kina package to redevelop Koroba District Hospital with additional funding from Minister Petrus Thomas and the PNG and Australian Governments.

“Our vision is for a hospital where mothers with birth complications can have babies in a safe and secure place. Where children with serious infections can have quick and effective treatment. Where surgery is safe. And where there is round the clock emergency care for both inpatients and outpatients. This is our goal and by working together we can achieve it’, Mr Botten said.

The redevelopment of Koroba is already underway.

The delegation laid the final footing on the foundation where a new X-Ray room will be located. The machine will arrive in the next few weeks along with a new pathology lab and other equipment funded by the Australian Government and OSF.

Minister Thomas said that the initiative highlighted the importance of partnership. He noted there was a lot to do to bring health infrastructure up to standard especially after the earthquake. “I take on board your commitment to Koroba District Hospital. We want to build Koroba to the standard of Port Moresby General Hospital and PIH. I am with you to partner this. Thank you OSF and the Australian High Commission. We do not have a lot of money but together in partnership I know that we can deliver much needed services and one of them is Koroba District Hospital. For us the journey has just begun. We have a long way to go. But I know that we can deliver together,” Minister Thomas said.