Oil Search employees at the Champions of Change session at the Ridge Camp, Kutubu.

Oil Search employees at the Champions of Change session at the Ridge Camp, Kutubu.





The Foundation recognises the importance of connecting with Oil Search’s large and diverse workforce and in particular connecting what the Foundation does to what employees can do in their own communities.

As a result of this in 2017 the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) board approved the Champions of Change program which was launch and implemented in 2018

The Champions of Change program is delivered through a staged approach as outlined below:

1. Knowing what we do
(Goal 1: Increasing the exposure of Oil Search employees to the Foundation’s policies, programs, activities and results)

The implementation of this first focus area will commence in February 2018 with a saturated effort throughout quarter one however will be maintained over the entire 12 months. The plan aims to utilise lunch and learn sessions, town halls, tool box sessions, coffee hub screens as well as the more traditional formats of newsletters, blog and intranet stories, press releases, television and radio to communicate what OSF does. The use of social media will play an important role in communicating the OSF story and a visual media campaign is proposed as part of this comprehensive plan.

Utilising high quality photographs with limited text and a regular release onto the chosen social media platforms will ensure the OSF story is regularly communicated. The visual media campaign will also tie in closely with the speaking themes to ensure messages are reinforced through these other mediums.

Creating a sense of understanding, commitment and pride in the work of OSF will be at the core of this campaign and will contribute to the greater brand recognition that the 2018 communications plan sets out to achieve. 

Harnessing initial support at the senior levels of OSL and OSF will be critical to the success of sharing the OSF story and the second phase of the Employee Engagement implementation plan.

2. Creating Champions of Change
(Goal 2: Develop Champions of Change by providing staff with tools and knowledge to actively make a difference in their communities)

Commencing in quarter 2 OSF will focus on further engaging staff by providing them the information, tools and support to be active agents of change. We will maintain the OSF narrative through the various modes of communication used in Q1 however will build on this by enabling staff to address a range of social issues in their communities. Toolkits related to issues HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria, violence against women and girls, maternal and child health and literacy will be provided to interested staff. Employees will be encouraged to utilise the toolkits in their own communities and deliver simple activities in a manner that is most culturally and contextually appropriate. This will also be linked to the small grants program currently running under the WPE program to encourage staff who wish to do so to apply for a small grant to build on their initiatives.

A selection of special guest speakers aligned to the thematic areas of the toolkits will also be invited to speak to staff about the ways in which they can be agents of change and how to respond to social issues in their own way.

As part of creating champions of change staff will be encouraged to share “How am I making a difference” through a short video competition filmed on their phones. This will contribute to and extend the visual media campaign commenced in Q1 and allow staff to share their stories in an easy format. These stories will then be shared through some of the mediums outlined earlier. This element of the implementation plan will lead into the third focus area to be rolled out in quarter three and four.

3. Celebrating Achievements (Goal 3: To celebrate and promote the work of individuals identified as Champions of Change to encourage greater participation both within Oil Search and the PNG private sector)

Celebrating the success of employees engaged in the Employee Engagement implementation plan is an important element of the overall strategy. OSF will do this through an annual event celebrating a Champion of the Year. The Champion of the Year will also be engaged in speaking tour to inspire and motivate others. In addition to this the short video competition winner will be announced and all videos screened at the event.