At the Oil Search Foundation, we believe our team is the key to our performance and success. Our commitment to PNG, policies and investment in workforce development ensures we attract and retain a team that contributes to our vision and mission to improve the lives of Papua New Guineans. Our 65 employees* are spread over a number of sites within PNG. Weekly meetings and annual planning events bring these teams together periodically to share ideas and learnings and ensure a cooperative team environment.


While developing our Strategy 2015‑2020, we reviewed the organisational structure’s fit for strategy and ensured the right people fill the right roles. We make sure all our employees have clear position descriptions and reporting lines and participate in annual performance planning to ensure alignment between organisational and individual targets.


We actively support staff development to foster a culture of learning. All our employees are encouraged to develop an individual career development plan in order for development opportunities to be identified and supported. In addition to external opportunities, all employees have access to Harvard Manage Mentor and Mt Eliza Frontline Management Resources, both online self-paced learning resources that give employees the freedom to navigate and direct their own training options.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy not only recognises how a diverse and engaged workforce contributes to organisational performance, but in addition it focuses on enhancing the skills of employees, with a key focus on Papua New Guineans and women. We identify key opportunities for Papua New Guinean roles
within our leadership team and more broadly within the programme teams.


We offer a range of employee benefits for full-time and part-time permanent employees in PNG. These include health care, education allowances, transport assistance, life insurance, and parental leave. In addition, all employees and contractors have access to Oil Search’s on-site health facilities and medical services. Should they or their family members need support to resolve work or life challenges, or improve their health and well‑being more generally, they also have access to the Employee Assistance Programme, an externally provided, confidential counselling service.


“We are a caring organisation that operates with high integrity and respect” is the opening line of our value statement. This is important to the team not only in the work they do, but also in the way we operate as an organisation. It is only through the success of our team that we will come closer to achieving our vision.

Oil Search Foundation Senior Leadership Team

Oil Search Foundation Senior Leadership Team