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Oil Search is PNG’s largest company, private employer and investor. As a key player in PNG’s oil and gas industry, Oil Search believes that proactive participation in the development of the country by the corporate sector is not only needed, but an obligation. In addition, helping to preserve a stable operating environment in PNG is critical to Oil Search’s value.

Oil Search is involved in a range of programmes that contribute to creating better outcomes for the country. Oil Search builds infrastructure on behalf of government, provides community education and food security programmes in its area of operations and supports the development of sustainable power options for communities across PNG.

Being committed to sustainable development is an important part of maintaining Oil Search’s social license to operate. By playing a vital role in the economic and social development of PNG, the Company’s sustainable development programmes help to maintain operating stability, while improving development outcomes for the people of PNG.

The Oil Search Foundation is one of the more visible ways Oil Search is able to make this important contribution. Contributing to a stronger PNG is the right thing to do, it makes good business sense and it ensures Oil Search continues to be a socially responsible operator.

The Foundation embodies Oil Search’s long term commitment to building PNG’s capacity to deliver better and sustainable development outcomes for its people. With a long history in PNG since 1929, Oil Search values the work of the Foundation as core to operating responsibly for many more decades to come. As its founder and principal donor, Oil Search is committed to fund and build the Foundation into one of PNG’s foremost development organisations.


“Oil Search’s future is tied to Papua New Guinea. When a company’s success is so closely linked to the well-being of a nation, the nation’s issues become the company’s issues.”

PETER BOTTEN CBE, Managing Director, Oil Search