Who we are


As a not for profit development partner, the Oil Search Foundation delivers targeted programmes that are dedicated to improving the lives of Papua New Guineans. We know that to obtain good development outcomes we need to operate within the existing government systems.

Papua New Guineans know what is best for PNG. Health, education and gender equality have been defined by the PNG Government as key development priorities – and we work to contribute to these areas.

By working in close partnership with a range of stakeholders at the local and national level, we help address the country’s significant challenges. We reduce the burden of disease, the serious challenge of family and sexual violence and strengthen educational systems.

We understand the challenges of working in remote areas. We know the communities. We listen to their needs and expectations. We place strong local ownership at the core of our programmes to ensure we deliver sustainable benefits for the communities with whom we work.

Partnerships are at the core of what we do. We form long-lasting relationships with communities, government and other organisations to improve the quality of and access to services. Our teams focus on identifying gaps and working together with relevant partners to find affordable and sustainable solutions.

In the area of Health, our provincial development team deliver an integrated primary and preventative health programme that aligns with the Government’s National Health Plan. We maximise our input through partnerships with government, donors and development partners to deliver targeted public health outcomes across our Signature Programme areas.

In Hela Province, we also work together with the Provincial Hospital in a world-leading, public-private partnership to help deliver quality medical servicesto those who rely on them.

Education and literacy are top priorities. Reaching children in remote and vulnerable communities provides them with an important first step towards becoming the country’s next generation of leaders. Through partnerships, we introduce communities with low literacy rates to libraries with early childhood literacy programmes. Through scholarships, we educate community health workers and nurses, which addresses the critical shortage of health workers.

We support Oil Search’s company-wide focus on Women’s Protection and Empowerment. Together, we have a vision of a PNG in which women live productive lives, free of violence. Our locally-based, culturally-relevant activities advance the standing of women.

Everyone at Oil Search and the Oil Search Foundation is proud of the work we do to help Papua New Guineans take the steps they need to improve their lives, and their country’s future growth and prosperity.


Our vision portrays our desired optimal future state-of-affairs. Our mission defines the purpose behind achieving our vision, while our values define who we are.

Our Vision

We want a future where every adult and child in PNG has access to functioning, effective health and education services.

Our Mission

We will contribute to nationwide development goals by working in partnership with government and stakeholders to improve development outcomes and achieve system stability and functionality.

Our Values

We are a caring organisation that operates with high integrity and respect. We are passionate about development and strive to deliver excellence through innovation and partnership with a diverse and highly responsible workforce.

Our behaviours describe how we work together and foster a culture at the Oil Search Foundation in which everyone is:

Taking ownership and holding self and others to account for delivery of actions and outcomes.

Culturally Aware
Approachable, aware and sensitive to cultural differences; adapting to people and environments.

Forward Thinking
Analysing and integrating information and ideas to determine the best course of action; prioritises and plans.

Thinking things through and identifies and acts on opportunities to improve the business and deliver results.

Working Together
Working cooperatively; building relationships with others to achieve our goals.

Leading Others
Inspiring and developing people to perform and reach their potential.

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