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  • 30.11. - New vision for Hela hospital staff after eye care clinic (2) (Media release) (by Stephanie Copus-Campbell)
  • 30.11. - Oil Search and Kikori Hospital successfully help TB patients’ complete treatment. (1) (Media release) (by Jaive Smare)
  • 30.11. - Oil Search Foundation’s small grants program making a difference in PNG communities (2) (Gender equality, Media release) (by Jaive Smare)
  • 30.11. - Oil Search Joins PNG to End Violence against Women (0) (Media release) (by Jaive Smare)
  • 29.11. - Oil Search Foundation and Buk bilong Pikinini open new library in Tari, Hela (0) (Announcement, Media release, Partnerships) (by Jaive Smare)
  • 28.09. - Hela teachers get support with Personal Development curriculum (0) (Leadership and education) (by Josh Kais)
    Teachers from Tari recently completed a training course aimed at providing them with necessary skills to teach adolescents and young adults about sex and sexuality as part of their Personal Development (PD) curriculum.
  • 23.09. - Marasin Stoa Kipa featured at 2016 International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria (1) (Conference) (by Kevin Miles)
    A research paper on the Marasin Stoa Kipa (MSK – Medicine Store Keeper) project managed by the Oil Search Foundation and the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea was presented at the 2016 International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria (ICTMM) in Brisbane.
  • 21.09. - Health patrol impacts remote Fogomaiyu community in SHP (1) (From the field) (by Josh Kais)
    Fogomaiyu communities in Southern Highlands Province have benefited greatly from access to basic medical health services during a recent health patrol conducted by the Oil Search Foundation.
  • 06.09. - Books donated to Hela hospital’s children ward (2) (From the field) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Children admitted to Hela Provincial Hospital had a pleasant distraction following a recent donation of books by Buk bilong Pikinini in partnership with the Oil Search Foundation. The hospital’s Director of Nursing Services, Freda Makanda, and the Oil Search Foundation’s Provincial Development Manager, Michael Conlon, visited the ward and distributed books to children and their parents.
  • 31.08. - Health patrol makes a difference in Foroba (1) (From the field) (by Josh Kais)
    A health patrol facilitated by the Oil Search Foundation has made a significant difference in the lives of communities in the remote Foroba region of Kikori district in the Gulf province.
  • 29.08. - Oil Search Foundation signs agreement with Marie Stopes PNG on Family Planning Interventions (0) (Partnerships) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Marie Stopes PNG and the Oil Search Foundation have signed a two-year partnership agreement aimed at improving maternal health outcomes by increasing availability and access to high quality family planning services.
  • 22.08. - Private sector malaria appeal brings bed nets to Kutubu communities (0) (From the field) (by Apa Parunga)
    3,000 malaria bed nets were distributed to Kutubu in Southern Highlands Province through a partnership between the National Department of Health, Oil Search and the Oil Search Foundation.
  • 04.08. - Oil Search Foundation targets tough social issues (1) (Announcement) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Oil Search announced yesterday an expanded mandate and long-term funding commitment for the Oil Search Foundation at a major event in Port Moresby. The Foundation will receive K185 million (USD56.2m) over five years (2016-2020) from Oil Search to deliver development programmes in the areas of Health, Leadership and Education, and Women’s Protection and Empowerment.
  • 25.07. - Oil Search Foundation releases first Annual Report (3) (Announcement) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Today the Oil Search Foundation released “Building on Success”, its first Annual Report. The 2015 Annual Report provides a detailed overview of how the Oil Search Foundation is helping Papua New Guinea take the steps it needs to build a prosperous, stable and secure future.
  • 14.07. - Solar power saves mother during childbirth (0) (From the field) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    At the remote Inu sub-health centre in Kutubu, Southern Highlands, a Soro mother safely delivered a newborn child thanks to a newly installed solar lighting system. Repairs were made by the Oil Search Foundation to restore adequate water supply to the centre and provide lighting to maternity rooms to facilitate clean, safe and secure deliveries.
  • 07.07. - IMAI training improves access to HIV treatment in remote locations (1) (Health System Strengthening) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    People living with HIV in the rural communities of Nipa-Kutubu in Southern Highlands, Hela, and Kikori District in Gulf, will now have better access to the lifesaving Anti-Retroviral (ARV) drugs. The Oil Search Foundation recently funded the Integrated Management of Adult Illnesses (IMAI) training course for 25 local community health workers.
  • 30.06. - Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority and Oil Search Foundation sign agreement to strengthen health service delivery (1) (Partnerships) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority signed an agreement with the Oil Search Foundation this week to strengthen the delivery of effective and accountable health services in the Province.
  • 28.06. - Reproductive health training in the Highlands (0) (Health System Strengthening) (by Ingrid Glastonbury)
    The Oil Search Foundation recently funded the participation and training of fifteen health workers from Gulf, Southern Highlands and Hela provinces at an Essential Obstetric Care training (EOC) training in Moro facilitated by the PNG Reproductive Health Training Unit (RHTU).
  • 23.06. - Oil Search approaching workplace safety through gender lens (0) (Partnerships) (by Jean Martin)
    The Oil Search Foundation and PNG Business Coalition for Women (BCFW) signed an agreement yesterday that formalises the participation of Oil Search in a pilot project that responds to safety issues in the workplace affected by, or linked to, gender.
  • 10.06. - GeneXpert training in Kikori Hospital to fight TB (0) (From the field) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Foundation (OSF) facilitated a vital training for Kikori Hospital staff in the use of a GeneXpert machine to provide on-site testing of sputum for tuberculosis (TB) confirmation and drug-resistant TB in the district.
  • 30.05. - Celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (0) (Awareness campaign) (by George Raubi)
    International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) was created in 2004 to draw the attention of policymakers, opinion leaders, social movements, the public and the media to the violence and discrimination experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexuals, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people internationally. The Oil Search Foundation celebrated IDAHOT by conducting a ‘lunch and learn’ presentation in the Oil Search office in Port Moresby.
  • 27.05. - Oil Search hands over food drive donations to Kikori Hospital (0) (From the field) (by Chris Taput)
    The Oil Search staff-led tuberculosis (TB) food drive for the Kikori Hospital in the Gulf Province has received overwhelming support. The donations included 190 kilograms of rice, 7 cartons of noodles, 6 boxes of biscuits, 7 cartons of tinned food, 5 litres of cooking oil, and 70 packs of laundry detergent. Program Supervisor for the Oil Search Foundation, Chris’bourne Taput, officially handed over the food donations to Hospital Administrator, Mr. Larry Kaipu. The donations highlighted the importance of building on the existing partnerships to continuously strengthen support and deliver patients with the care and management they need.
  • 26.05. - HIV refresher training for Hela Province rural health workers (0) (From the field) (by Nancy Aloitch)
    Dr Arun Menon’s HIV refresher training in Tari, Hela Province was a knowledge boost in HIV management and treatment for rural health care workers. Over 106 health care workers were given additional training over three days.
  • 24.05. - Investing into Gulf Health System Strengthening: 2016 NHSS roll-out (0) (Health System Strengthening) (by Ingrid Glastonbury)
    The 2016 National Health Services Standards (NHSS) exercise for the Gulf Provincial health system was funded by the Oil Search Foundation in partnership with the National Department of Health (NDoH) and Gulf Provincial Health services. The NHSS included a review of 67 existing rural health facilities facilitated by chief clinicians and national health support services experts.
  • 03.05. - Oil Search partners with Hela Provincial Hospital and Volunteer Services Overseas to place doctors in Tari (0) (Announcement) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Hela Provincial Hospital is pleased to announce its partnership with Oil Search to ensure much needed medical specialists continue to deliver much-needed health services to the people of Hela. The Tari-based team, which includes a surgeon, anaesthetist, obstetrician, a theatre nurse and an experienced project coordinator have been sourced from International Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), an international organisation that for nearly 60 years have placed volunteers in areas that need specific skills.
  • 22.04. - Oil Search and Buk bilong Pikinini announce new library site in Hela (0) (Leadership and education) (by Susan Age)
    The Oil Search Foundation and Buk bilong Pikinini announced the establishment of a new library and Early Childhood Development and Literacy program at Kuluanda Primary School at Kopari Catholic Mission in Tari, Hela Province. This will be the first such program for the Province with plans to expand to other areas in the near future.
  • 12.04. - Partnership with Buk bilong Pikinini to improve literacy in Hela and Gulf (0) (Leadership and education) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Foundation has entered into a formal partnership with Buk bilong Pikinini to deliver Early Childhood Development and Literacy programmes in Hela and Gulf Provinces.
  • 10.03. - Oil Search marks International Women’s Day (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Jean Martin)
    Lady Winifred Kamit addressed employees at Oil Search’s Port Moresby office at a morning tea held to mark International Women’s Day this week. During her talk, Lady Winifred Kamit reflected on her journey as a Papua New Guinean woman and where she sees this path going.
  • 07.03. - Oil Search screening powerful documentary ‘Senisim Pasin’ to end violence (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Jean Martin)
    The film Senisim Pasin is a powerful and urgent call to action that shines a light on family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea and explores solutions that each and every one of us can help drive. Oil Search will partner with the Tribal Foundation to screen their newly-produced film for Oil Search employees and the communities where they live and work.
  • 02.03. - The radio man who lights up rural health facilities (0) (From the field) (by Kevin Gordon)
    Steve Groves has provided many Papua New Guineans a second chance through his work in rural and urban PNG – and Oil Search is ensuring continued support for his efforts. In 2001, Steve commenced installing the National Health Radio System (NHRS) throughout health facilities in rural and urban PNG. The system has helped Health Facility Officers, particularly in the remotest parts of PNG, to manage critical medical cases.
  • 23.02. - Moro and Fofari walkathon to end violence against women (0) (Awareness campaign, From the field) (by Eru Takiseng)
    On 25 November 2015, Oil Search staff at Moro and Fofari, sub-contractors, police officers, the CDI team and wider Kutubu community, commemorated International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) with a walkathon from the Kaimari markets to Moro police station.
  • 16.02. - Standing together as partners with ECPNG (0) (From the field, Partnerships) (by Amanda Anderson)
    Late last year I traveled to Tari in Hela Province to meet with one our partners, the Evangelical Church of PNG (ECPNG). The purpose of this visit to Papua New Guinea highlands, was a financial review of the existing contract and a capacity assessment of ECPNG's processes and procedures.
  • 03.02. - Cold Chain Management Review in Hela Province (0) (From the field) (by Michael Conlon)
    Following a Cold Chain Management Review of eight health facilities in the Tari-Pori district of Hela province, the Oil Search Foundation and Hela Provincial Health officers have successfully delivered additional vaccine storage capacity to improve immunisation rates.

2015 (16)

  • 22.12. - Scoping mission for Insecticide Resistance Study in Tagali valley (0) (From the field) (by Killion Lukara)
    A scoping mission for an Insecticide Resistance Study was jointly conducted by the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR) from 30 September to 2 October 2015 within the Tagali valley of Hela Province, Papua New Guinea. The objective of the scoping mission was to establish if there was a need for a full-scale Insecticide Resistance Study on the local mosquito population as a result of prolonged use of a pyrethroid insecticide.
  • 04.12. - United in the response to HIV (1) (From the field) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    “If we are to unite in the response to HIV, we have to share our stories, acknowledge our differences and decide how we will respond as individuals and as a community,” said Kevin Miles of the Oil Search Foundation. A World AIDS Day (WAD) lunch and learn session at Oil Search’s Port Moresby office focused on sharing personal stories about the impact of HIV on our own lives.
  • 25.11. - The day we unite to eliminate violence against women (0) (Awareness campaign, Gender equality) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW), Oil Search employees across the business have come together to raise awareness and end violence against women.
  • 23.11. - 45 service providers receive first aid training from Oil Search (0) (Leadership and education) (by Jean Martin)
    At a recent meeting in Port Moresby I was perplexed to hear that many of the first line service providers that help women escaping violence have no first aid training. This group is made up of Human Rights Defenders, Safe Houses, Police and Ward level representatives as well as members of the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC).
  • 17.11. - Global Fund partner visit in Papua New Guinea (0) (Grant management, Partnerships) (by Kevin Miles)
    Last week a delegation of representatives from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the National Department of Health, the Global Fund's PNG Country Coordinating Mechanism, World Vision, Populations Services International and the Oil Search Foundation visited Mt Hagen and Goroka.
  • 28.10. - Margaret Tasman: A long goodbye to a truly amazing woman (3) (From the field) (by Jean Martin)
    Today we farewell one of our longest serving staff members; a highly valued foundation family member, we reflect on the history of Margaret Tasman with Oil Search. Marg, as we all know her, came to Oil Search in 1993. A young single mother looking to give her family greater opportunities in life and therein began a long and colourful career with Oil Search and subsequently the Oil Search Foundation.
  • 23.10. - How ASHM showed me the links between clinical science, policy and practice (0) (Conference) (by Nancy Aloitch)
    The purpose of my trip to Brisbane was to attend the Australasian Society of HIV Medicine (ASHM) Conference 2015. This conference is made up of two parts. The first part is the World STI & HIV Congress 2015 and second part is the Australasian HIV & AIDS conference 2015. This was the second time I attended ASHM; my first experience with this conference was in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in 2013.
  • 08.10. - Tackling HIV in Hela: Progress through partnership and innovation (0) (From the field) (by Stephanie Copus-Campbell)
    The Oil Search Foundation has been proud to assist Papua New Guinea, including the National Department of Health and its key partners in the important fight against HIV and AIDS. In 2012 with funding from the Global Fund and Oil Search Limited, the Foundation supported the Hela Provincial Health team, under the leadership of Dr Hewali Hamiya, to improve HIV services in the remote Hela Province.
  • 24.09. - Why ASHM changed my world (0) (Conference) (by Gorithie Tai)
    To attend an international conference like ASHM 2015 in Brisbane for the first time was an evolution in my life. What changed me? I came to appreciate that HIV is very complex and 'empathy' was the word I learnt at the 2015 ASHM. Additionally, to hear, know and meet professionals associated with the HIV pandemic was such an exposure that I personally embraced.
  • 15.09. - The amazing people of Hela: A story of hope (1) (From the field) (by Stephanie Copus-Campbell)
    One of the great privileges of my job with the Oil Search Foundation is to visit remote parts of Papua New Guinea and meet the incredible people who live and work there. I recently had the opportunity to visit Hela province in the remote Highlands region where OSF is currently supporting the Province in its important work to prevent and treat HIV.
  • 11.09. - “What about Gulf, we need to do something about Gulf” (0) (Partnerships) (by Ingrid Glastonbury)
    For many years I sat in meetings with senior PNG health and development colleagues as we discussed how to address the health challenges in the country. I remember many times saying “what about Gulf, we need to do something about Gulf”. Gulf with its 180,000 odd population distributed sparsely across its very large land mass is situated between the big giants of Central Province, Western Province and Southern Highlands. Its geographic isolation and lack of infrastructure make it difficult to attract health professionals to come and to stay.
  • 09.09. - Why we love the PNG Business Coalition For Women (and you should, too!) (1) (Gender equality) (by Jean Martin)
    In 2015 Oil Search became a member of the Papua New Guinea Business Coalition for Women (BCFW) and began actively taking part in a number of working groups including for my part, the 'Addressing Violence Working Group' (AVWG). Coalition members know that gender equality is good business, that overcoming the challenges faced by women in the PNG workforce goes beyond individual firms, and are ready to be part of history in the making.
  • 04.09. - Sponsoring the 51st PNG Medical Symposium (0) (Conference, Sponsorship) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Foundation announced its support to the 51st PNG Annual Medical Symposium by presenting a cheque of K10,000 to the Medical Symposium’s organising committee as part of a bronze sponsorship. By sponsoring the 2015 Medical Symposium with the theme of ‘Advancing Women's Health Through Innovation’ the Oil Search Foundation captures a great opportunity to support women’s health and empowerment in PNG.
  • 23.01. - Health Facility Tuberculosis (TB) Training (0) (Leadership and education) (by Oslaii Degena)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation Public Health Unit (PHU) Malaria programme recently organised a four day TB training in Nipa-Kutubu district of the Southern Highlands. The TB training occurred in November 2014, and was facilitated by World Vision in partnership with the National Department of Health (NDoH).
  • 21.01. - World AIDS Day in Port Moresby (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Olga Fontanellaz)
    World AIDS Day is commemorated each year on 1 December. To commemorate this day, staff from the Oil Search Health Foundation participated in the Red Ribbon walk organised by the NCD Provincial AIDS Committee from the National AIDS Council Secretariat (NACS) and supported by business houses, various partners, stakeholders and the National Department of Health (NDoH).
  • 19.01. - World AIDS Day panel discussion in Canberra (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    To commemorate World AIDS Day on 1 December 2014, Oil Search sponsored a parliamentary morning tea and panel discussion hosted by The Hon Julie Bishop MP and Professor Sharon Lewin, at Parliament House in Canberra.

2014 (29)

  • 13.10. - Oil Search supports 4th Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival (0) (Development) (by Celestine Ove)
    The Foe community near Lake Kutubu in Southern Highlands Province celebrated a spectacular cultural festival with the support of Oil Search and various stakeholders from the area.
  • 07.10. - The HAM Brothers and their Masters – The Unsung Heroes (4) (Uncategorized) (by Miriam Boga)
    Meet the HAM brothers and their masters – the unsung heroes of the HIV program in Hela Province. The HAM brothers are HAM 673, HAM 674, and HAM 675. Yes, you guessed right - these are the cars that their masters Hengene Pora, Michael Olabe, Frazer Male and Robert Winja drive.
  • 26.09. - Oil Search spreading the word about contraception and safe sex (0) (Uncategorized) (by Wendy Kunalaiwa)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation Maternal and Child Health (MCH) team organised Tool-box meetings every day this week in the lead up activity to World Contraception Day (WCD), observed on the 26th September to bring awareness on contraception and safe sex to the Oil Search workforce at the operation site in Kutubu.
  • 25.09. - New incinerators to safely dispose of clinical waste (0) (Uncategorized) (by Kevin Gordon)
    Tari Hospital and nine other health centres in the Hela province can now dispose their clinical waste in a safe manner. The Oil Search Health Foundation, through a Global Fund grant, has purchased and installed ten incinerators at Tari hospital and Koroba, Magarima, Wabia, Fugwa, Dauli, Para, Hiwanda, Idawi and Juni health centres to assist them dispose clinical waste in a safe manner.
  • 22.09. - Health information refresher workshop in Kutubu (0) (Uncategorized) (by Gorithie Tai)
    Supporting and strengthening the quality of National Health Information System (NHIS) -- the major health data collection mechanism in Papua New Guinea (PNG) -- is paramount to enhance informed decision making. It is a national requirement that monthly NHIS forms are completed by health facilities across the country and forwarded to the Provincial Health Information Office.
  • 04.08. - Papua New Guinea and Public-Private Partnerships at AIDS 2014 (0) (Conference) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    After an exciting and fully-packed week, the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne drew to a close last Friday afternoon with a call for uniting HIV, global health and human rights at its closing session. Oil Search's engagement with the AIDS 2014 conference has been intimate yet visible; bringing a slice of Papua New Guinea to Melbourne and emphasising the need to increase the role of the private sector in the global HIV response.
  • 12.06. - Roll Back Malaria and Asia Pacific Leaders for Malaria Alliance visit Oil Search Malaria Program (0) (Uncategorized) (by Chris Taput)
    At the end of May the Oil Search Health Foundation Malaria team welcomed an international delegation from Roll Back Malaria and Asia Pacific Leaders for Malaria Alliances (APLMA) to Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, #PNG to view the Oil Search Public Health operations, government and church managed health facilities and the Marasin Stoa Kipa (MSK) project.
  • 19.05. - Oil Search protecting community and employees from malaria at Hides (1) (Uncategorized) (by Killion Lukara)
    The Oil Search Malaria team has been protecting Oil Search employees and contractors in and around its Hides Camp in Hela Province since 1996. Due to the close proximity of the workforce to the local villages, where gardens and pig-ruts make perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes, the Malaria team delivers twice yearly Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) in the village houses to reduce the risk of locally acquired malaria transmission for community members and camp residents.
  • 15.05. - Clothing donation welcomed by Tari hospital (2) (Uncategorized) (by Kuni Honpio)
    Tari hospital in Hela Province recently welcomed a donation of children's clothing. The children were very happy with the clothing received during their stay at the hospital.
  • 06.05. - Oil Search commended at launch PNG National Malaria Control Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (1) (Uncategorized) (by Celestine Ove)
    Launched on World Malaria Day by Hon Michael Malabag, PNG Health and HIV/AIDS Minister, the PNG National Malaria Control Strategic Plan 2014-2018 outlines ways to reduce illness and deaths caused by malaria and will be implemented together with the National Health Plan through funding provided under the Global Fund Round 8 Grant.
  • 02.05. - Malaria education through Tool Box Meetings (0) (Uncategorized) (by Oslaii Degena)
    In preparation for World Malaria Day on the 25 April, the Malaria Program staff organised week long Tool Box meetings to educate Oil Search employees and contractors at the operation sites in Kutubu, Hides and Kikori.
  • 24.04. - World Malaria Day 2014: Invest in the Future. Defeat Malaria. (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Liesel Seehofer)
    On World Malaria Day 2014, the Oil Search Health Foundation’s Malaria team is encouraging people to seek parasitological testing and quality treatment to ensure the malaria parasite is killed off in the blood before it has a chance of being spread to other people by mosquitoes.
  • 22.04. - A long track to reach remote HIV testing site in Panduaka (4) (Uncategorized) (by Buka Kipan)
    The health centre in Panduaka is one of the rural health facilities run by United Church, and their staff has been trained in Provider Initiated Counselling & Testing (PICT) by the Oil Search Health Foundation. Our visit was to set up HIV Counselling & Testing (HCT) at the health centre as most people from Upper Warke LLG had not had access to HIV services for the last couple of years.
  • 15.04. - Personal Development teacher training in Lae (0) (Leadership and education) (by Emma David)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation conducted a five day training session for Personal Development teachers on Sexual & Reproductive Health at the end of February 2014. The training was conducted at the Salvation Army in Lae, Morobe Province. A total of eight Personal Development Teachers from Gabmazung, St Paul’s, Markham Road and St Mary’s Primary Schools attended the training.
  • 11.04. - Water Safety training for St Barnabas School of Nursing in Alotau (0) (Leadership and education) (by Penny O’Connor)
    As Milne Bay is a maritime province, students often have to travel for hours at sea to reach the health facilities where they are based between 1-14 weeks at a time. The OSHF promotes occupational health and safety and has donated life jackets for the students to use when travelling at sea. A key operational focus area of the OSHF is to always ensure that the people are properly trained in using safety equipment as well as making sure they use it.
  • 02.04. - Paediatric training at Tari hospital is saving lives (3) (Uncategorized) (by Julia Stinshoff)
    After five months of intensive efforts a total refurbishment of the maternity ward at Tari hospital has been completed and ward staff are undergoing training covering neonatal resuscitation, paediatric HIV and TB, malnutrition in children, and how to operate incubators.
  • 21.03. - Essential Obstetric Care training in Morobe (1) (Uncategorized) (by Emma David)
    A recent five day session on Essential Obstetric Care (EOC) in Morobe Province demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the Oil Search Health Foundation to build and upscale the capacity and skills of health care workers in rural and remote locations.
  • 12.03. - Oil Search and Exxon Mobil donate health equipment to Tari Hospital (0) (Uncategorized) (by Olga Fontanellaz)
    A range of health equipment was donated to Tari hospital through donations from the Oil Search Health Foundation, Exxon Mobil and Global Fund grants. A donation ceremony was held in which the items were handed over to Dr. Hewali, CEO of Tari hospital in the presence of OSHF and Exxon Mobil staff.
  • 25.02. - Tokaut na Tokstret training in Zifasing (1) (Leadership and education) (by Alson Akagee)
    In early February 2014 the HIV Program team in Lae commenced a series of Tokaut na Tokstret (TnT) marital relationship trainings in Zifasing, Morobe Province. Zifasing is located 2 hours’ drive out of Lae city along the Highlands highway. The Zifasing community has hamlets scattered along the Markham valley with more than 2,000 people.
  • 19.02. - Nurse educators improve training and assessment skills (0) (Uncategorized) (by Celestine Ove)
    The St. Barnabas School of Nursing in Milne Bay Province is making headway in capacity building of its teaching staff through a public-private partnership with the Oil Search Health Foundation that is set to deliver sustainable results.
  • 17.02. - Medical roadside emergency (2) (Uncategorized) (by Kevin Gordon)
    During a regular visit to Pori health centre in one of the most remote parts of Hela Province, our OSHF HIV Program officers swiftly responded to a roadside emergency.
  • 10.02. - School of Nursing signs historic MoU to improve education (0) (Uncategorized) (by Celestine Ove)
    The St. Barnabas School of Nursing in Alotau, Milne Bay Province and the Oil Search Health Foundation have strengthened an important partnership that will help support the school’s academic development and fundamental objectives with the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • 07.02. - Two new remote clinics implementing HIV testing in Morobe Province (0) (Uncategorized) (by Rosemary Bundo)
    The OSHF HIV team has visited the remote villages of Kabwum and Derim in Morobe Provinde, half an hour’s flight from Lae, to support them in performing HIV testing and counselling. Staff from both health facilities had already attended training in Lae to teach them the skills necessary to perform HIV counselling and testing.
  • 03.02. - Increasing access to condoms in Hela Province (0) (Uncategorized) (by Anton Thomas)
    The OSHF distributes condoms to health centres, guest houses, and police stations but also hands them out during awareness raising events at market places by using mobile OSHF outreach vehicles. The Health Foundation's HIV Program is one of the key organisations distributing condoms in Hela Province through supplies received from Business Coalition against HIV and AIDS (BAHA) by using the existing Oil Search Limited logistic systems for transportation.
  • 28.01. - HIV awareness activities (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Michael Conlon)
    As part of the continuing effort to raise awareness about HIV among employees, contractors and communities within the Oil Search project areas, the Oil Search Health Foundation has erected new HIV signs at Hides, Moro, Ridge, Gobe and Kopi.
  • 14.01. - World AIDS Day candle light vigil at Etep Rural Hospital in Tewai-Siassi (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Rosemary Bundo)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation (OSHF) has been supporting Etep Rural Hospital in the Tewai-Siassi district of Morobe Province since March 2013 with providing HIV services to its community. On the night of 1 December 2013, Etep Rural Hospital held a candle light vigil for the very first time to commemorate World AIDS Day.
  • 09.01. - Going an extra mile to help save lives (0) (Health System Strengthening) (by Celestine Ove)
    "Being a doctor is something I had always wanted to do,” says Dr Miriam Boga who worked in provincial hospitals in PNG for 10 years and now works with the Oil Search Health Foundation as the HIV Medical Officer.
  • 06.01. - Highway Safety Packs for HIV/STI Prevention (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Damien Levi)
    The HIV Program has initiated education sessions on HIV/STI for truckdrivers and initiated distribution of “Highway Safety Packs”. This small package (a resealable plastic sandwich bag) contains a pamphlet on HIV/AIDS, a pack of five condoms, a few panadol tablets, band aids and ear buds.
  • 02.01. - Oil Search medical team is lifeline for remote communities (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search medical team at Moro received an urgent call from a community health worker in Benaria, a remote mission station in the Komo Magarima district of Hela province, Papua New Guinea that a young woman had been in labour with her first child for more than 24 hours, getting weaker and weaker with no progress to deliver the baby. The healthcare worker was seeking help and assistance from Oil Search, deeply worried about the lives of mother and baby.

2013 (55)

  • 23.12. - Malaria refresher training for health facility staff in Kutubu & Hela (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    In mid-November 2013 the OSHF Malaria Program conducted a Malaria Refresher Workshop for the staff of ten health facilities within and around the vicinity of the Oil Search project areas in the Kutubu district of Southern Highlands and Hela Province.
  • 19.12. - Rural HIV support field trips in Hela Province (0) (Uncategorized) (by Kuni Honpio)
    The HIV Program team conducts daily field trips into the communities and to the rural health facilities to support the health workers trained in the Provider Initiated Counselling and Testing (PICT) to confidently conduct HIV testing at their health facilities and also to deliver HIV testing consumables.
  • 16.12. - World AIDS Day in Papua New Guinea (1) (Awareness campaign) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation HIV Program has teams operating in several provinces and locations throughout Papua New Guinea. All teams were involved in organising awareness campaigns on 1 December 2013 for World AIDS Day. Below, a number of our HIV Program officers report on how they celebrated and commemorated World AIDS Day in PNG.
  • 10.12. - OSHF Maternal and Child Health Strategy 2014-2017 released (0) (Health System Strengthening) (by Annette Peck)
    The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program recently released their 2014-2017 strategy based around the principal objectives of improving maternal and child survival in Papua New Guinea. The MCH Strategy is built to ensure access to a strong and robust health system with an emphasis on prevention. Recognising that especially family planning will have a direct impact on reducing maternal mortality.
  • 05.12. - World AIDS Day 2013: Getting to Zero (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Oil Search and the Oil Search Health Foundation are important supporters of World AIDS Day. In support of the 'Getting to Zero'theme the Oil Search Health Foundation conducted a number of activities throughout the company’s workforce and community, and sponsored a high-level WAD event in Australia.
  • 29.11. - Oil Search urges business leaders to help eradicate HIV (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    In the lead up to World AIDS Day on Sunday 1 December, Oil Search Limited has called on companies to use their infrastructure, skills and financial resources to help step up the pace in the global response to HIV.
  • 27.11. - Breaking the silence on domestic violence in PNG (0) (Uncategorized) (by Olga Fontanellaz)
    To support efforts to end all forms of violence against women in PNG, the Oil Search Health Foundation, through the Maternal & Child Health Program, has held various activities at Oil Search's Ridge and Moro camps in the Southern Highlands that culminated in the weekend of 23 and 24 November with the “Crying Meri” Photographic Exhibition, presented by renowned documentary photographer Vlad Sokhin.
  • 22.11. - Tokaut na Tokstret training in Situm village (0) (Leadership and education) (by Olga Fontanellaz)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation continues to support community work in Morobe Province by conducting Marital Relationship Trainings known as “Tokaut na Tokstret!” (Talk Out and Talk Straight). These training sessions, also known as TnT, have been developed by Populations Services International (PSI) and cover topics that are considered taboo in most PNG cultures, such as sex and sexuality.
  • 18.11. - Additional HIV testing sites in Hela Province (0) (Leadership and education) (by Kuni Honpio)
    The long awaited third Provider Initiated HIV Counselling & Testing (PICT) training for the Evangelical Church of PNG health facilities was conducted at Hiwanda village from 7 - 13 September for 16 health care workers. They underwent 8 days of training, which covered two important components of HIV testing: 5 days training on counselling techniques and 3 days of technical testing techniques.
  • 15.11. - Pink Ribbon Day raises awareness for breast cancer (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Jenny Hawiya)
    On Pink Ribbon Day our HIV Program Officer, Jenny Hawiya, took a lead to organise the Pink Ribbon Day at Oil Search's Kopi camp. Together with her female colleagues, she raised awareness to around the fact that breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of death among women worldwide.
  • 13.11. - Celebrating 10 years of oil fields operation and contributions to development in PNG (0) (Development) (by Miriam Boga)
    Oil Search Limited recently celebrated its 10th anniversary since officially becoming the operator and manager of all of Papua New Guinea’s producing oil fields. Celebrations started in Port Moresby, progressing through all of OSL’s sites and ending in Nogoli Camp in Hides, Hela Province.
  • 29.10. - Oil Search managing director visits Fugwa Health Centre (0) (Uncategorized) (by Julia Stinshoff)
    A delegation of Oil Search senior management, including managing director Mr Peter Botten, visited Fugwa Health Centre in Hela Province upon his most recent visit to Papua New Guinea. Fugwa Health Centre is one of 16 health facilities supported by the Oil Search Health Foundation (OSHF) HIV program operating in Hela under the Global Fund Round 10 HIV grant.
  • 21.10. - Marasin Stoa Kipa refresher training (0) (Leadership and education) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    A five day refresher workshop for the Marasin Stoa Kipa (MSK) project was recently conducted by the Oil Search Health Foundation's Malaria team at the Usano Water Source Guest House in Kutubu.
  • 10.10. - Competency Assessment of Malaria Microscopists (0) (Uncategorized) (by Nelson Aliabe)
    Along with other Lab Techs from around PNG, Nelson Aliabe and his colleagues participated in a World Health Organization (WHO) malaria microscopist external competency assessment. The week-long Competency Assessment focused on accurate identification of malaria parasite species as well as counting and calculating the parasite density using the World Health Organization protocol.
  • 19.09. - The Hon. Linda Burney visits HIV clinics in Lae (0) (Uncategorized) (by Rhoda Eliab)
    On the 1st of August 2013, the Australian MP, Hon. Linda Burney, Member for Canterbury and NSW Deputy Leader of Opposition visited the Oil Search Health Foundation HIV team during her visit to Lae. The visit was part of her parliamentary PNG study tour.
  • 13.09. - HIV counselling and testing: 3rd PICT training in Morobe (1) (Leadership and education) (by Rhoda Eliab)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation conducted a third PICT training for health care workers in Morobe from 5-14 August 2013 at the Salvation Army conference room. A total of 14 participants, mainly nursing officers and community health workers, attended the training.
  • 03.09. - OSHF presenting at PNG Medical Symposium in Lae (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    This week the 49th PNG Annual Medical Symposium is taking place in Lae, Morobe Province, with the theme 'Malaria: Past, Present and Future'. Over the last weeks our Malaria Program has been busy compiling and analysing data from its community program and MSK project near Hides in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • 30.08. - 5th teacher training workshop in Lae (0) (Leadership and education) (by Emma David)
    Our Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV Educator, Emma David, led the 5th teacher training workshop in Lae. This workshop aims to improve the competence and confidence of teachers in delivering quality Personal Development (PD) teaching in secondary schools with specific reference to sexual and reproductive health, HIV and gender-based violence.
  • 23.08. - Malaria refresher training for health facility staff in Kutubu (0) (Uncategorized) (by Michael Kalal)
    The Malaria Program at the Public Health Unit in Moro is presently conducting refresher training sessions for health facility staff within the Kutubu area where Oil Search Limited operates. The malaria refresher training aims to improve the skills of health workers to correctly diagnosis malaria by utilising the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) as well as the production of high quality bloods slides to confirm diagnostic results, and ultimately to correctly treat the patients in the community.
  • 19.08. - Procurement and stock management training for malaria grant (0) (Grant management) (by Annette Coppola)
    Papua New Guinea experiences frequent malaria drug shortages. However, at any point of time there are always at least 12 months of stock in country. The problem, however, is stock management: there is often too much of some stock and not enough of other stock.
  • 14.08. - Basic Life Support training in Moro (0) (Leadership and education) (by Michael Conlon)
    During emergency situations staff from the Oil Search Health Foundation play a support role to assist the Oil Search Limited medical team. To ensure that the OSHF staff are up-to-date with current medical practices Basic Life Support (BLS) skills and training are a requirement.
  • 06.08. - OSHF & MMJV support health clinics to follow National Malaria Treatment Guidelines (0) (Uncategorized) (by Iraingo Moses)
    Morobe Mining Join Venture (MMJV) in partnership with the Oil Search Health Foundation (OSHF) is implementing the MSK village-based malaria project in 17 villages in the Huon and Bulolo districts in Morobe Province. TheOSHF Malaria Project Supervisor has been conducting malaria in-house training since February 2013 to help health facilities and MSKs implement the PNG National Malaria Treatment Guidelines.
  • 29.07. - Catholic Health Services VVCT Training in Lae (0) (Leadership and education) (by Rosemary Bundo)
    Last month a four week Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing (VCCT) training was run by the Catholic Health Services in Lae. The training was initiated by the Catholic Health Coordinator Sr Henriquetta and developed in consultation with the Lae diocese HIV Secreatry as well as the Oil Search Health Foundation HIV Team which supports the Catholic health facility 'Centre of Mercy' in Lae.
  • 19.07. - First annual HIV stakeholder meeting in Tari (0) (Uncategorized) (by Julia Stinshoff)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation HIV Team in Hela recently hosted the first HIV stakeholder meeting in Tari. Central to the agenda of the meeting was to provide information on the current and future activities and achievements of the Oil Search Health Foundation HIV program in Hela as well as to provide a platform for the various local stakeholders to share and discuss their experiences, expectations and challenges.
  • 15.07. - Antenatal care with ultra-sound scans at Pimaga Health Centre (0) (Uncategorized) (by Winis Karaiye)
    With already 28% of this year's community emergencies in Moro OSL clinic coming from community obstetric complications, Dr. Winis Karaiye from the Oil Search Medical and Occupational Health team made a community visit to Pimaga Health Centre on 5 July 2013 to provide additional screening for pregnant women.
  • 10.07. - Oil Search Health Foundation reaches 30,000 HIV tests (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation (OSHF) HIV Program recorded its 30,000th HIV test this week. Commencing HIV program support in late 2007, the OSHF has played a major role in the scale-up of HIV testing in the Southern Highlands and Gulf provinces. Last year the team launched an additional round of support in Hela and Morobe provinces.
  • 08.07. - Malaria outbreak at Homa village (0) (Uncategorized) (by Killion Lukara)
    In response to a malaria outbreak in Homa village in Hela province, our Malaria Program team visits the village to provide high-level technical support to the MSK and Aid Post; conduct malaria risk asssessments; and assess the use of bednets in the village.
  • 03.07. - Papua New Guinea in 2013 Clinical Social Franchising Compendium (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Our MSK village malaria treatment initiative in PNG has been included in this year's edition of the 'Clinical Social Franchising Compendium' by the Global Health Group as part of their Private Sector Healthcare Initiative.
  • 01.07. - NHIS refresher workshop in Kutubu (2) (Leadership and education) (by Gordon Manub)
    The National Health Information System (NHIS) is the major health data collection tool in Papua New Guinea. To enhance the quality and understanding of NHIS reporting, the HIV Team in Moro recently facilitated a 'NHIS refresher workshop' for local clinic staff to improve their Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) skills and understanding to improve NHIS reporting.
  • 27.06. - A new ‘clinical updates’ strategy for the National Malaria Control Program (0) (Uncategorized) (by Annette Coppola)
    In order to facilitate better uptake of new malaria diagnosis and treatment protocols, the National Department of Health and Oil Search Health Foundation designed a different approach to reach the administrators and clinicians not yet operating conform the new malaria protocols. Together, they developed a creative new strategy to enhance the uptake of the new testing and treatment protocols for malaria in PNG.
  • 21.06. - Teacher Mentorship Program in Morobe (0) (Leadership and education) (by Emma David)
    Enrolled in our Teacher Mentorship Program is Bumayong secondary school, which is situated just outside of Lae city. Bumayong secondary school is very committed to our program, with teachers and students excited to have the OSHF team sit in during their classes on 28 and 29 May 2013.
  • 19.06. - Reproductive Health Training Unit website launch (2) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    On Friday 7 June, the PNG Reproductive Health Training Unit (RHTU) presented its new website and training calendar at a launch event at the Medical Faculty of the University of Papua New Guinea in Taurama, Port Moresby. The RHTU is a novel Public-Private Partnership intended to assist interested Provinces in PNG to improve reproductive health service delivery and indicators.
  • 12.06. - ABC Radio Australia interview with Iraingo Moses (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    As you may remember, our Malaria Supervisor Iraingo Moses submitted as video question to Bill Gates. She asked him about malaria in Papua New Guinea and the likelihood of developing a vaccine for this deadly vector-based disease. The day following the Q&A with Bill Gates we received an enquiry from ABC Radio if Iraingo would be available for a radio interview about the question for Bill Gates on Q&A.
  • 11.06. - Community education sessions commenced at Nogoli Care Centre (1) (Leadership and education) (by Damien Levi)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation HIV team at Hides has helped to establish the Nogoli Care Centre, which aims to provide a local drop-in centre for people living with HIV; a place where they can access support, education and training, as well as a safe place to stay in times of need.
  • 07.06. - Oil Search Green Office Group promotes World Environment Day (0) (Leadership and education) (by Olga Fontanellaz)
    In the lead up to the 2013 World Environment Day, the Oil Search Green Office Group has visited Jubilee High School on 4 June (where the students have formed an Environment Club) to carry out environmental awareness training.
  • 31.05. - Teacher Training in Morobe (0) (Leadership and education) (by Emma David)
    In April, the Health Foundation HIV team in Morobe Province conducted a five day workshop for Secondary School Personal Development (PD) Teachers. This was the second of its kind in Morobe.
  • 29.05. - Bill Gates visits Australia, we ask him about malaria in PNG (2) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation had the opportunity to submit a video question to Bill Gates about malaria in Papua New Guinea. Our Malaria Program Officer, Iraingo Moses, asked Bill Gates about the development of a vaccine for malaria on ABC's Q&A.
  • 24.05. - Global Fund Round 10 HIV program in Hela province (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Michael Conlon is the HIV Program Manager for the Oil Search Health Foundation (OSHF). He spoke to Pacific Friends of the Global Fund about the role of the OSHF in improving HIV services in Hela Province in Papua New Guinea.
  • 21.05. - Standing up against Domestic and Gender Based Violence in Papua New Guinea (2) (Gender equality, Leadership and education) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Domestic and gender based violence is a widespread and very serious problem for local women in Papua New Guinea. The PNG Law Reform Commission found that on average 70 percent of women in PNG say they have been physically abused by their husbands, but that number reaches 100 percent in some parts of the country.
  • 10.05. - Sustainability Report and Transparency Data Book (0) (Announcement) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation is featured in Oil Search's 2012 Sustainability Report with an overview of its structure, programs and achievements, and the 2012 Transparency Data Book paints a financial picture and details the Foundation's key performance indicators.
  • 07.05. - PICT training in remote district of Tewai-Siassi (0) (Leadership and education) (by Rosemary Bundo)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation HIV team in Morobe started in May 2012 to support the rollout of HIV services and with strengthening the existing health system in the province. Earlier this year in March, a team of four from our HIV Program took up the challenge to conduct the first PICT training for health workers in the remote district of Tewai-Siassi.
  • 03.05. - Buakap Tokaut Na Tokstret Training (0) (Leadership and education) (by Emma David)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation is continuing to support community work in Morobe province by conducting Marital Relationship Training, also known as the Tokaut na Tokstret (TnT) training for rural communities. TnT covers topics that are considered taboo in most PNG cultures, such as sexual intimacy.
  • 25.04. - World Malaria Day 2013: Defeating Malaria (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    This year the theme for World Malaria Day is ‘Invest in the future. Defeat malaria.’ Significant improvements have been made in reducing malaria in PNG in recent years. But the country continues to have the highest malaria mortality in the Pacific.
  • 23.04. - Mary and Martha put malaria in the limelight (1) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Mary and Martha is a powerful new film dealing with the stark threat of Malaria, and drives home the far-reaching effects of this deadly disease. While prevention and treatment exist to stop malaria and save lives, this year more than 650,000 people around the world ‒ mostly children -‒ will die from the disease. This film brings statistics to life through the stories of two women; Mary and Martha.
  • 15.04. - Oil Search donation brings Tari Lab up to speed (1) (Uncategorized) (by Ruby Kenny)
    In March 2012 the Health Foundation began providing support to the HIV clinic at Tari Hospital as part of the Global Fund Round 10 grant. Since then the HIV programme has gone from strength to strength due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the Health Foundation HIV team.
  • 11.04. - Emergency Obstetrics Care Training saves a mother’s life in Moro (0) (Leadership and education) (by Margaret Tasman)
    At the Oil Search Limited (OSL) clinic in Moro, in Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, women from surrounding communities in the Kutubu region regularly present themselves with obstetric complications. The reason they turn to the OSL health facilities is that maternal and child health services in PNG are generally poor. As part of the Maternal & Child Health Programme of the Oil Search Health Foundation, a two day Emergency Obstetrics Care (EMOC) Training was conducted on 15-16 March in Moro.
  • 09.04. - Using the banana boat to improve access to isolated villages (0) (Uncategorized) (by Michael Conlon)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation purchased a ‘banana boat’ to improve staff access to the many isolated villages along the river banks around Kopi and Kikori in the Gulf Region in Papua New Guinea.
  • 02.04. - Empowering community and staff with Oxygen Concentrators (0) (Development, Health System Strengthening) (by Anna Golang)
    In 2013, four oxygen concentrators were donated to the Hides area in Hela through the Asian Development Bank project Rural Enclaves Project. Oxygen concentrators, as the name suggests, intake normal air and then concentrates the oxygen level. This oxygen-concentrated air can then be used to treat many respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and for premature babies.
  • 26.03. - Vote for us in the photo contest ‘Malaria: The BIG Picture’ (0) (Announcement) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    The Malaria Programme of the Oil Search Health Foundation has entered several photos into a contest ran by Swiss Malaria Group called "Malaria: The BIG Picture". Vote for our malaria control photos of our programs in Papua New Guinea.
  • 22.03. - Freeing discussion about sex in the Highlands (0) (Leadership and education) (by Ruby Kenny)
    Cultural traditions in Hela Province often prohibit open discussion about sex and sexuality. For some such traditions are so strong, that if broken, they can result in compensation being paid, most often in the form of pigs.
  • 19.03. - Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund, visits Australia (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Last week we welcomed to Australia the new Executive Director of the Global Fund, Mark Dybul. As a passionate advocate for global health, Dybul has an impressive track-record in preventing and treating infectious diseases of more than 25 years and is well-placed to head the most significant international financing organisation in public international health.
  • 14.03. - Discussing the gender agenda in PNG on International Women’s Day (0) (Gender equality) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    On International Women's Day one of our HIV Care and Prevention Program Officers, Jenny Hawiya, did a presentation on HIV & Gender Based Violence to encourage women to better understand their rights.
  • 20.02. - Collaborative HIV education session in Tari (0) (Leadership and education) (by Michael Conlon)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation (OSHF) team in Tari recently facilitated a training session from Dr Arun Menon, a HIV specialist based in Townsville. Dr Menon has been working closely with the National Catholic Health Services (NCHS) in PNG for many years and provides training and mentoring to NCHS staff during his twice yearly visits.
  • 30.01. - What does the Global Fund grant management mean? (0) (Grant management) (by Olga Fontanellaz)
    Managing Global Fund grants involves responsibility for financial and programme management as well as numerous other major tasks. This blog outlines how the Global Fund grants in PNG are managed by the Oil Search Health Foundation.
  • 23.01. - Tari HIV Clinic receives accreditation status from National Department of Health (1) (Uncategorized) (by Julia Stinshoff)
    In March 2012, the Oil Search Health Foundation HIV team commenced support at Inanaka Clinic at Tari Hospital in Hela province. Last week the clinic was approved as a National Department of Health accredited HIV testing and treatment site.

2012 (18)

  • 22.12. - Access to Life book launch by PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O'Neill, kindly agreed to launch the PNG Access to Life book on 4 December 2012 during a reception hosted by Oil Search at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.
  • 20.12. - World AIDS Day reception and Access to Life launch in Sydney (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    On 26 November the photographic exhibition Access to Life was officially launched by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia at the Powerhouse Museum.
  • 18.12. - World AIDS Day and Provider Initiated Counselling and Testing training in Tari (0) (Awareness campaign, Leadership and education) (by Ruby Kenny)
    The 30th of November was no ordinary day for Hela province, and more specifically for Tari. It was the graduation day for the first batch of the Provider Initiated Counselling and Testing (PICT) training funded by the Global Fund through the Oil Search Health Foundation, as well as the commemoration of World AIDS Day.
  • 17.12. - Papua New Guinea featured in Global Fund ‘Access to Life’ exhibition (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Over the last two weeks Oil Search and the Health Foundation have been involved in the Australian launch of the highly acclaimed photographic exhibition Access to Life. The exhibition was initiated in 2007 by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in collaboration with Magnum Photos to document the impact of antiretroviral treatment on the lives of people living with HIV around the world.
  • 12.12. - World AIDS Day 2012 at the Oil Search Health Foundation office in Port Moresby (0) (Awareness campaign) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    World AIDS Day is one of the most globally recognised events of the year and observed on 1 December every year across the world. This day is dedicated to raise awareness about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS, including the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, groups at risk, stigma and discrimination, and the global challenge to get to zero new infection and AIDS related deaths by 2015.
  • 21.11. - Malaria 2012 Summit in Sydney (0) (Conference) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    At the beginning of this month a range of high-level international stakeholders gathered in Sydney to attend Malaria 2012: Saving Lives in the Asia-Pacific. Among the attendees were Asia-Pacific country representatives, international donors, research institutions, the private sector, and civil society, to explore the regional challenges and possible solutions.
  • 15.11. - Refurbishment of the Antenatal Care Clinic at Tari Hospital (0) (Development) (by Julia Stinshoff)
    The Health Foundation supports the Inanaka Clinic at Tari Hospital in Hela province. In order to strengthen the HIV referral pathways and to support partners conducting HIV testing, a refurbishment of the Antenatal Care (ANC) Clinic at Tari hospital was undertaken.
  • 26.10. - Engaging Business in Development (0) (Conference, Development) (by Ross Hutton)
    The Development Policy Centre at the Crawford School of Public Policy, part of the Australian National University in Canberra, kindly invited Ross Hutton last week to speak at their Forum on 'Engaging Business in Development'. On Wednesday 17 October he joined an interesting mix of attendees from international business, non-government organisations, social enterprises, health and agricultural research enterprises, and international aid agencies to discuss the recent experiences at the Health Foundation in addressing some of the practical issues faced in engaging with both the public sector and the donor and development community.
  • 24.10. - Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference 2012 (0) (Conference) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Last week the 13th International Union on Sexually Transmitted Infections World Congress and 24th Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference was jointly hosted at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The Oil Search Health Foundation submitted three poster presentations to the Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference.
  • 08.10. - Personal Development Training for Teachers (0) (Leadership and education) (by Kevin Miles)
    The Oil Search Health Foundation ran its first Personal Development workshop for secondary school teachers in Lae last week. The workshop aimed to improve the competence and confidence of teachers in delivering quality Personal Development teaching in secondary schools with specific reference to sexual and reproductive health, HIV and gender-based violence.
  • 25.09. - Oil Search at the SPE/APPEA International Conference in Perth (0) (Conference) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Perth was host to the annual SPE/APPEA International Conference on 11-13 September, which is the largest Oil & Gas exploration and production conference in the world that addresses Health, Safety and Environment. Oil Search had a strong representation at the conference, with some 20 Australian and Papua New Guinean staff attending.
  • 18.09. - School mentorship program approved by Department of Education (0) (Leadership and education) (by Kevin Miles)
    In its latest response to HIV in Papua New Guinea, the Oil Search Health Foundation has received endorsement from the PNG Department of Education (DoE) to facilitate a teacher training and mentorship program. Oil Search has had a successful HIV program since 2007, primarily focusing on supporting healthcare services in the Southern Highlands.
  • 12.09. - MMJV and OSHF team up to reduce malaria in Morobe Province (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    After the success of the Marasin Stoa Kipa (Medicine Store Keeper or MSK) pilot developed by Oil Search Limited to reduce malaria in the remote Kutubu area of the Southern Highlands, the project is now expanding to other provinces in Papua New Guinea.
  • 10.09. - Papua New Guinea’s Malaria Summit 2012 (0) (Uncategorized) (by Jean Martin)
    The 2012 PNG Malaria Summit took place between 28 – 31 August 2012. in Port Moresby. The Malaria Summit is one of the Global Fund Round 8 activities planned to take place annually in phase two of the grant. The purpose of the summit was to provide coordination and oversight for the National Malaria Program, as well as to disseminate information and research findings and to assist in the development of provincial and national networks.
  • 08.09. - A Public-Private Partnership with the Global Fund (0) (Uncategorized) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)
    Earlier this year the Oil Search Health Foundation officially became a principal recipient for two grants in Papua New Guinea from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Since that moment there has been frequent contact between both organisations to make most of this Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
  • 22.08. - Increase condom distribution in Tari (0) (Uncategorized) (by Ruby Kenny)
    Hela is one of PNG’s high burden provinces in relation to HIV infection rates. The increased numbers of mobile workers, low literacy level, high stigma and discrimination are factors that are contributing to the spread of HIV. Increasing condom use is one way of preventing the spread of HIV, however, accessing condoms in Tari has been a challenge for many young people.
  • 29.05. - Oil Search Health Foundation Uses Innovative Technology for Managing HIV (0) (Uncategorized) (by Kevin Miles)
    New technology is paving the way for improved HIV care in rural and remote areas of PNG. A novel device called PIMA™ is being used by the Oil Search Health Foundation to test the CD4 count of people living with HIV.
  • 30.03. - Health Foundation Launch in Port Moresby (0) (Announcement) (by Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom)

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