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“More than half a million people have access to various Oil Search Foundation programs: 2017 Annual Report”

Oil Search Foundation field staff attending to patients at Huiya, Hela Province, during a Health Outreach program in May this year

Picture: Oil Search Foundation field staff attending to patients during a health outreach program in Huiya, Hela Province, in May this year.

More than half a million people have had access to various health, women’s protection and empowerment and education and leadership programs either supported or run by the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) in 2017.
This was revealed in the Foundation’s 2017 Annual Report released last week.
The report attributes the success of OSF in building and maintaining effective partnerships.
OSF Chairman and Oil Search Limited Managing Director, Peter Botten, stated (in The Letter from the Chairman), “In 2017, our focus was leveraging for greater results including bringing in over K17 million in additional funding from key partners to complement or expand existing activities. This recognises that together with our partners we can achieve change which would be impossible alone”.
Some key achievements reported under the Foundation’s health programs include supporting 1,364 Outreach clinics across the Southern Highlands, Hela and Gulf provinces – a 7% increase from the previous year, increasing vaccinations rates by 50% in the Hela Province and assisting the Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (SHPHA) bring together partners to commit funds towards the improvement of maternal health in the remote Pimaga station in the Nipa Kutuba District.
The Foundation also progressed initiatives that supported the Government’s agenda in addressing inequality and gender based violence. One such program was the funding of local Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Femili PNG, to build the capacity of the health system in Hela Province to better respond to family and sexual violence. Another involved awarding of small grants to Oil Search employees to run awareness activities related to women’s protection and empowerment as a way of extending the reach of OSF to many communities.
In the area of education, the establishment of Literacy Libraries in partnership with another local NGO, Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP), was a highlight. This partnership resulted in four Literacy Librarians being trained and seventy-eight children completing early childhood literacy in Tari, Hela province. It provided a model for progressing the concept to other parts of the Hela, Southern Highlands and Gulf provinces.
A significant milestone in 2017 was the finalisation of an innovative program designed to provide a number of scholarships across medicine, nursing and financial governance with a strong focus on leadership development and mentoring. Starting this year, this program represents the Foundation’s strong commitment to building the professional and leadership capacity of Papua New Guineans.
OSF Executive Director, Stephanie Copus-Campbell, acknowledged the support of donors, partners, stakeholders as well as the professionalism, commitment and hard work of the OSF team throughout 2017.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been part of the OSF journey to improve PNG lives and communities in 2017. The Foundation’s achievements have proven that when we work together, the results are truly impressive.” said Ms Copus-Campbell.
Programs delivered in 2017 provided a strong platform for OSF to respond along-side Oil Search with relief assistance and supplies following the 7.5 magnitude PNG Highlands earthquake that struck on the 26 February, 2018.
The 2017 Annual and Financial reports are available for download on the Foundation’s website:

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