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OSF reaches more people in the national response to HIV

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Photo: OSF’s George Raubi (left) with some members of HIV/AIDS peer groups in Lae Morobe Province, that he helped train through the course of this year.

Oil Search Foundation has educated and sensitised close to a thousand people since it commenced its role as Principal Recipient of a Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria grant in 2015.

The Foundation, through the Global Fund HIV grant, conducted sensitisation and peer education training sessions, social mapping exercises, community consultation meetings, and other activities that resulted in the direct involvement of 901 healthcare workers, counsellors, law and justice workers, community leaders and gatekeepers in the six provinces most affected by HIV.

George Raubi, OSF’s Key Population Project Officer, who was instrumental in coordinating and implementing most of these HIV awareness and training activities, says the two years were challenging but


“Through our efforts more people are now directly or indirectly educated about HIV and related issues like gender-based violence, substance abuse, sexually-transmitted infections and others,” Mr Raubi said.

“Many of the people that we have reached have gone back to their areas of work and communities to spread positive and supportive messages for communities most affected by HIV, including sex workers, men with diverse sexuality and transgender people.”

“We will end this year knowing that we have done all we could to empower people to make responsible decisions relating to HIV in their families, workplaces and communities.”

Kevin Miles, OSF’s Head of Grants, praised

the partnership with the National Department of Health and other

development partners who have pooled resources to achieve so much in two years. He said the Foundation and its partners were able to reach many people because of the network these partners have with grass roots communities.

He also acknowledged the crucial partnership between OSF and the Global Fund that allowed OSF and its local partners to achieve so much in such a short period of time.

He said that as OSF completes its role as Principal Recipient of the Global Fund HIV grant next month, it would continue to work with partners and community groups to build on what it has already achieved to minimise the impact of HIV in Papua New Guinea.


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